Martin Wagner

Cyber Security Rumble 2021 Writeups

After enjoying last year’s Cyber Security Rumble CTF I rejoined the competition this year together with some friends from KITCTF. I had a lot of fun and I plan to participate again next year. These are a few of the challenges I solved during the weekend.

CSCG 2020: Xmas Shopping Site

Like a few other members of KITCTF I participated in the 2020 Cyber Security Challenge Germany Qualification. This is a writeup for “Xmas Shopping Site”, one of the three web challenges that were part of the CTF.

35c3 junior CTF writeup

I visited the 35c3 again this year and for the first time decided to participate in the c3 CTF with three friends. We decided that the junior version is better suited for our skill level. Now that I’m back home and well rested I want to write down some solutions.

Deploy static sites and Dapps using swarm and ENS

Ethereum and the ecosystem around it, are often referred to as the new World Wide Web, the “web3”. While the Web 2.0 brought more user interaction and collaboration the major change this time is decentralization: peer to peer networks instead of huge servers and blockchains instead of databases. Although I am not convinced by everything that is happening in this field I still wanted to take a look at this shiny and currently a little bit unstable ecosystem and the new things it may bring us in the future.